Love Is Real (A MB Love Story)
Love Is Real Sequel:Chapter 23!

Elicia’s POV

I come downstairs to eat when I see Jojo watching So Random.

Elicia:I like this show.

Jojo:What?? Mommie this show is too old for you.

Elicia:Excuse Me!?! But I have you know I am young. This show ain’t nothing compared to the The Proud Family and That’s So Raven.

Jojo:What the heck is that??

Elicia:The shows I used to watch when I was a kid on Disney.

Jojo:Exactly old.

Elicia:You know what boy(GCO)

Princeton:Babe come to dinner.

Elicia:I’m coming……Jacob.(giggles a little bit)

Princeton:Aha! You’re so funny now come eat before I eat for you. 

Elicia:You touch my food we are gonna fight for real.

Princeton:(eyes widen)Okay chill out I was just playing.

Elicia:Yea you’re gonna lose a finger tonight.


Elicia:(looks at Mrs.Perez like she stole something)

Did Mrs.Perez just laugh at my joke? The sky must be falling. Kim Kardashian must be married again.(inside joke) I think she is trying to be nice but maybe it was funny enough for her to giggle.

Elicia:(eating)Mrs.Perez this food is really good.

Mrs.Perez:Thank you hunny.

Elicia:O_O(looks at Princeton)

Princeton:(smirks at you then looks at his mom)

Everyone finish eating. 

Princeton:It’s time to go to bed Jojo.

Jojo:Aw really??

Princeton:Yep let’s go.

Jojo:(sad)Okay.(drags his feet to the room)

Princeton:I’m going to tuck you in.(follows Jojo)

Mrs.Perez:Elicia come sit with me.(pats couch gesturing Elicia to sit)

Elicia:(nervous)Are you going to kill me?

Mrs.Perez:(laughs)No just sit.

Elicia:Okay.(sits next to PM)

Mrs.Perez:I know I been hard on you since Jacob met you but I just wanted to say sorry.I never saw the side of you…never heard your side of the story I never knew what he did to you and I’m so sorry.

Elicia:(smiles)It’s okay Mrs.Perez. I understand where you are coming from…. protecting your son and all.

Mrs.Perez:You have nothing to be sorry for I was being a complete….butthole.(giggles)

Elicia:I love you Mrs.Perez.

Mrs.Perez:I love you too sweetie. Now let’s get to bed we got a day ahead of us.

Elicia:(sighs)I know I’m so lazy I don’t even wanna get up.

Mrs.Perez:Me too.

Elicia & Mrs.Perez:(laughs)

Princeton:(behind the wall hearing everything and smiling)(talks to his self)Thanks mom!

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Love Is Real Sequel:Chapter 22!

Princeton’s POV

Mom is in the kitchen making dinner after she gave Jojo a bath and put his night clothes on. I just got out the shower with Elicia and we were having our little fun cleaning up;). She was in the bathroom drying her hair after I got it wet now she’s mad at me but she’ll get over it. I promise Elicia I was going to talk to my mom about her attitude but I’m scared. I try to pass time by watching So Random with Jojo.

Jojo:Cause I’m bringing back socks with sandals.

Princeton:What! What! What!

Jojo:Socks with sandals

Princeton:Bringing back.

Jojo:Sock with sandals.

Princeton:What! What! What!

Jojo:Socks with sandalsssss!


PM:Seems like you two are having fun with all that foolishness.

Princeton:It’s just a funny song mom.

PM:(shakes head)

Princeton:Mom can we talk in the kitchen.

PM:Sure baby.

We walk in the kitchen I turn around to see if Jojo was being nosy but he was sitting on the couch.

PM:So what’s up?

Princeton:Mom you have to change your attitude.

PM:I don’t know what you are talking about.

Princeton:Yes you do mom. Your attitude towards Elicia needs to stop please.

PM:I don’t have a attitude towards her I just have to put her in check sometime.

Princeton:You shouldn’t do it so cruel though. You might not know but you hurt her feelings she is always telling me what you said and it’s hurtful it needs to stop.

PM:Well..I’m sorry for having a little grudge towards a girl that trapped my son. 

Princeton:Mom she didn’t trap me. She gave me a chance to come in Jojo’s life even when I totally treated her like dirt.(looks down)

PM:(confused) What are you talking about Jacob?

Princeton:(silent and still looking down)



PM:Jacob Emanuel Perez es mejor que me responde en estos momentos. (you better answer me right now)

Princeton:(looks up and sighs) When Elicia told me she was pregnant I yelled and screamed at her. I told her that Jojo wasn’t mine and it’s a bastard child then I kicked her out my house. (holds back tears) When we were on tour I was miserable I wouldn’t eat or work out. I would just stay in my bunk cry and sleep. Then I seen her again with Jojo and here we are now.

PM:(covers mouth with hand shocked)Jacob I never knew you did that. Why didn’t you tell me??

Princeton:I was ashamed.

PM:I feel so bad for putting Elicia through all the crap I gave her.

Princeton:That’s why I ask to be nice. She already been through alot with me now it’s my mom. It’s good that she is back with me but letting me be in Jojo’s life after I called her everything. She is perfect! (tear rolls down cheek) I can’t lose her again mom I just can’t I don’t know what I’ll do.

PM:I understand hijo.(son) No more of the attitude I promise.

Princeton:Thank you mom.(slightly smiles and hugs her)I love you.

PM:I love you too. Now get everybody so we can eat.

Love Is Real Sequel:Chapter 21!

Princeton’s POV

We picked up Jojo from Chrise’s house for us to go to my mom’s house.We all get in the car ready to leave.

Jojo and Elicia’s outfit:

Elicia:(rolls eyes)Let me get ready for the insults.

Princeton:Here you go again….my mom likes you for the last time.

Elicia:Whatever you say.

Jojo:Yay we are going to grandmaaaa!(jumps in seat)

Princeton:Yayyy! See Jojo is happy why don’t you cheer up.

Elicia:(fake smiles)Yaayyy!

Princeton:See that’s the spirit.

We drive 30 minuets to my mom’s house.

Prince Mom’s House:

She was already out the door ready to get Jojo.

Prince’s Mom:JOJOOO!

Princeton:hey mama te echaba tanto de menos. (hey mom I missed you so much)

PM:Hey baby yo tambien te extrane. Como estas? (hey baby I missed you too. How are you?)

Princeton:Me siento como en casa. (I feel at home now.)

PM:(whispers to Princeton) Por que dices eso? Es que la chica no lo trata bien. (Why did you say that? Is that girl not treating you good.)

Princeton:(laughs)She is mama I love her.

PM:Well…love is blind.

Elicia’s POV

No this bitc- you know what I’m not even gonna go there. I got to show respect to his mother. But she is really pushing it. I get out the car and get other stuff.

Elicia:(fake smiles)Hi Mrs.Perez.


Elicia:How are you today?

PM:I’m doing (looks Elicia up and down) fine.

Elicia:Me too.

PM:Don’t you think it’s to early to be showing your assets. I mean I know your a singer that is always sexual but you have a kid after your career cover up.

Elicia:Listen you(GCO)

Princeton:Hey why don’t we go in the house and freshen up.(nervously chuckles)

PM:(raises brow)I guess so.(talks to Jojo and starts walking)So how are you little man?

PM and Jojo walk into the house. Now it’s just me and Princeton outside

Elicia:Did you hear what she said to me?

Princeton:Yes but she didn’t mean it like that.

Elicia:Yes the hell she did.

Princeton:I know my mom she didn’t mean it like that.

Elicia:This dress doesn’t even show my assets.(looks at self)

Princeton:Turn around.

Elicia:(turns around)

Princeton:(smirks)Yes it does.(chuckles) Now come on let’s get in the house. (slaps Elicia’s butt)

Elicia:(turns around and holds butt) (punches Princeton in the arm)

Princeton:(holds Elicia by the waist) I promise I’m gonna talk to her about her attitude towards you.Okay?

Elicia:Okay.(kisses Princeton)

Princeton:(kisses Elicia back)

Elicia:(wraps arms around Princeton’s neck)

Princeton:(slips tongue in and cups Elicia’s face)

PM:(clears her throat)

Elicia:(pulls away)

Princeton:(looks at his mom)H-Hey mom we are coming.

PM:Uh huh.(walks back into the house)

Elicia:No more kisses until we leave here. We can’t get caught like that again.

Princeton:What!?!?! I need my kisses to get through the day.

Elicia:But we have to sneak them.

Princeton:Fine with me as long as I get my kisses.

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Love Is Real Sequel:Chapter 20!

Elicia’s POV

Princeton was on top of me when all of a sudden my phone rings.

Princeton:(in between kisses)Don’t…(kiss)…answer(kiss)..that.(kiss)

Elicia:(giggles) I have too.

Princeton:No you don’t.

I grab the phone anyway and answer it.


Princeton:(mouths) Really??


Phone Conversation:

??:Hello Elicia.

Elicia:Who is this??

Princeton:(kisses Elicia’s neck)

??:It’s Diggy.

Elicia:Oh hi Diggy.

Princeton:(mouths)Diggy?!?! Oh hell no.


Diggy:Who are you telling to be quiet?

Elicia:Just someone IGNORANT!!

Diggy:(chuckles)Oh okay I was just wondering did you want to practice extra next week for the song we have.

Elicia:Sure I would love too.

Princeton:(kisses Elicia’s jawline)

Elicia:(bites lip)Y-yea uhmm Diggy I have to go I’m in a bit of a situation.

Diggy:Okay talk to you later. Bye!

Elicia:Bye.(hangs up)


Elicia:Really?? I was doing business.

Princeton:Didn’t sound like he wanted business.

Elicia:What are you trying to say?

Princeton:Think about it. He wants to spend extra time with you to “sing”. Alone with no one else. Not in a studio. It’s obvious he wants you.

Elicia:Okay! And??

Princeton:He can’t have you…you’re mine.

Elicia:You make me sound like I’m some type of property.

Princeton:You know that’s not how I’m trying to say it.

Elicia:Yea whatever.

Princeton:I’m sorry.(kisses Elicia)

Elicia:(pouts)I still don’t accept it.

Princeton:Please.(kisses her cheek)


Princeton:How about now?(kisses Elicia with force and pulls away)

Elicia:(eyes widen and shocked)I-I guess.

Princeton:So you know we have to visit my mom??

Elicia:(rolls eyes)Yess I know.

Princeton:Why you have to say it like that?

Elicia:Because your mom thinks that I’m not good enough for you.

Princeton:No she don’t

Elicia:Yes she does.(mumbles)It’s needs to be the other way around.

Princeton:What was that??

Elicia:Nothing.(huge smile)


Elicia:We don’t have nothing to do.

Princeton:Yes we do.(bites lip)

Elicia:(smacks teeth)Besides that.

Princeton:We haven’t done it since Jojo was conceived.

Elicia:And I learned my lesson from that.

Princeton:(whines)But I love it when we do it.

Elicia:Too bad! I’m not giving it up until that special moment.

Princeton:And when do you think that is.

Elicia:I don’t know just when it comes.

Princeton:Let’s post some pictures on Twitter.


BTW:Elicia,Mimi,Kiera,and Chrise are 20. Prodigy and Ray Ray are 20. Roc Royal and Princeton are turning 20.

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Love Is Real:Chapter 19!

Princeton’s POV

We arrive at Chrise and Roc’s place because Jojo wanted to see them I knock on their door but no one answered so I got the spare key from under the mat and open the door. When we get in I see Chrise on top of Roc…..NAKED!

Elicia:(gasps and covers Jojo’s eyes)

Princeton:What the hell?

Chrise:(turns around shock and falls off of Roc)

Roc:Oh snap baby are you okay?

Chrise:Y-yea(covers herself with sheet)

Roc:What are you guys doing here?

Princeton:Jojo wanted to see you but now I see that your busy.(smirks)

Chrise:You couldn’t of called?!

Elicia:We did.(rolls eyes)

Roc:How about knocking?

Princeton:We did that too! Now would you be so kind and put on some clothes so my son can see you.

Roc:(sighs and squints eyes)Give me a minute.(mumbles up the stairs)

Chrise:Yea I’m j-just gonna f-follow him.(nervously chuckles up the stairs)

Elicia:(uncovers Jojo’s eyes)

Princeton:Let’s sit on the OTHER couch.

We wait five minuets when they come back downstairs. They sit on the couch they…you know. 

Princeton:So how have you been handicapped??

Roc:Ha Ha Ha you’re so funny you should be a comedian.(sarcastic) I have been doing very good.

Elicia:(mumbles)I can tell.

Princeton:(slightly nudges her)

Chrise:(rolls eyes) Anyway how have you been Jojo??

Jojo:I’ve been doing great Auntie.

Chrise:That’s awesome Jo.(gives Jojo a highfive)

Jojo:Hey Auntie.


Jojo:What was you and uncle Roc doing?

Chrise:Uh.(looks at Roc then at Elicia)


Chrise:Me and uncle was playing a game.

Jojo:What kind of game.


Roc:Ride the h-horse….yea ride the horse.(fake smiles)

Jojo:But you guys were playing it nak(GCO)

Elicia:Okay Jojo don’t you wanna do something with Aunt Chrise and Uncle Roc?


Elicia:Can he stay with you guys just for the weekend?

Roc:Sure me and him will be doing a whole bunch of stuff. Ain’t that right??

Jojo:Yup.(daps Roc)

Princeton:Me and Elicia will be back Saturday because we have to go visit my mom.

Elicia:(mumbles)As much as I hate to.

Princeton:(nudges Elicia)What is with you and the mumbling today??(smiles)

Elicia:What?? It’s better to mumble than to say it out loud. 

Princeton:Whatever. We’ll be back you guys.

Roc:Bye bro. (does handshake with Princeton)

Chrise:Bye girl(tries to hug Elicia)

Elicia:Nah Uh I seen what you did when we got here I’m not hugging you.(laughs)

Chrise:Get Out! (chuckles and pushes Elicia out the door)

Elicia:Love you too nasty.

—Skip to Princeton and Elicia’s House—

Princeton:So what you wanna do??(licks lips)

Elicia:Well..what are you suggesting?(bites lip)

Princeton:Since Jojo is gone maybe we can…you know.(looks at Elicia’s lips)

Elicia:You mean this.(kisses Princeton) And this.(kisses his jawline) Don’t forget this.(kisses and licks his neck)

Princeton:Oh and this.(flips Elicia so he is on top)

Love Is Real Sequel:Chapter 18!

Kiera’s POV

I wait for Ray Ray to come home which seemed hours until I hear the door unlock I act natural even though I was pissed the hell off.

Kiera:Where have you been?

Ray Ray:At a friend’s house. Why?

Kiera:I was just asking you know you said you were only gonna be a while I didn’t know that meant FIVE HOURS.

Ray Ray:I lost track of time. Why are you so concerned I’m back now.

Kiera:(sarcastic)Well…I’m sorry for wondering if my boyfriend was alive or kidnapped.(smiles)

Ray Ray:(smacks teeth)You’re tripping.

Kiera:I’m tripping no you’re the one that’s tripping I never seen you act like this.

Ray Ray:Like what?

Kiera:Nonchalant like you don’t even care what I’m saying.

Ray Ray:I do care it’s just your worried about nothing.

Kiera:(sighs)Your right. It’s just when you’re gone for five hours at a “friends house” I get suspicious.

Ray Ray:Baby you don’t have nothing to worry about I would never cheat on you.

Kiera:Aw! (pecks Ray’s lip and hugs him) I love you.

Ray Ray:I love you too.

Kiera:(smells some weird perfume)What’s that smell?

Ray Ray:(nervous) What smell?

Kiera:Smells like some perfume that I don’t wear.

Ray Ray:I was hanging out with a friend and his girlfriend. I hugged her and it might of rubbed off on me.

Kiera:Why couldn’t I come?

Ray Ray:I didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable with people you didn’t know.

Kiera:Oh!(smiles) I’m going to bed.(goes in bedroom)

Ray Ray:I’m on my way in there.


Ray Ray:(whispers) Man that was close.

Elicia’s POV

Today is my parents birthday(yes they have the same birthday) and it’s my second time with them not being here physically but emotionally. I’m taking Princeton and Jojo to their grave site to put new flowers. We get to Pickett Garden Cemetery I walk up with two bouquets of flowers for their grave and I bend down to move the old flowers and position beside the tombstones.  

Jojo:Mommie who are these stones for?

Elicia:Your grandma and granddad.

Jojo:How did they die?

Elicia:In a car crash.

Jojo:What were they like?

Elicia:The perfect parents baby.

Jojo:Like you and daddy.

Elicia:(smiles and looks at Jojo)Yes like us.

Princeton:I remember Ms.Carroll always making her famous Cinnamon Dapples.(chuckles) Good times.

My eyes start to burn with tears until my vision was blurry they fall and my vision comes back again.

Elicia:I miss them.

Princeton:I know they are looking down on you so proud of your accomplishments.(hugs Elicia)

Elicia:(hugs back) You think so??

Princeton:I know so.

Elicia:They would of LOVE Jojo. Spoiling him with everything.

Princeton:Like you do already.

Elicia:(giggles) I do not spoil him.

Princeton:Yes you do..come on let’s get out of here.


Jojo:Daddy can we go see uncle Roc?

Princeton:Sure.(smiles and kisses Jojo’s forehead)

Elicia:Aw!(kisses Princeton)

Princeton:(kisses back) 


Elicia:Hush boy.

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