Love Is Real (A MB Love Story)
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Love Is Real Sequel:FINALE!

Yes Yes Yes, I know its been like….2 months. I’m sorry, I have been working on a new story I’m posting after this. I’m even making a blog of it with the characters and everything. You can talk to them to see their side of the story but anyway, TO THE STORY!

Mimi’s POV 

We made our way to Club Icces and boy, was it crunk.Everyone was on the dance floor and having fun. We made our way to the VIP section, we reserved the day before. Champagne was in a icebox with margaritas around the bucket. Chocolates and fruit in a tray and basket.

Elicia:They went all out with this one.

They place windows around the room so we could see who was on the dance floor. Kiera looked out the window and gasped, stumbling back off the couch to take a seat.

Chrise:What’s wrong girl? 

Kiera:I just saw the devil.

Mimi:What are you talking about?

She pointed toward the window and I scanned the crowd only to see Ray and Pearl dancing.

Elicia:Oh hellx no.

Mimi:This niggax did not come here with her.

She said making a stank face, looking out the window.

Kiera:It’s okay..I’m gonna have a good time regardless. Matter of fact, let’s go dance.

We all made our way down the dancefloor and eased our way to the middle. 

Kiera’s POV

I picked this light skin, cute looking boy with a snapback on. I grabbed his hand and started grinding on him. He took no hesitation to grind back on me. I started twerking and jersey turn-piking on him. Out the corner of my eye, I could see Ray eyeing me. But, personally I could give two fucksx how he felt because honestly, he didn’t care how I felt that day. 

I stopped dancing with the boy and made my way to the bar.

Kiera:Apple Martini please.

I turned around to see everyone enjoying theirselves and I was too. When I was with Ray, I was happy but I didn’t have bubbly personality I used to have and now that its back. I feel free and better than ever. The bartender put the drink next to me and winked at me. I smiled and started blushing. He walked away and attended some other people.

I then saw the boy I danced with sit next to me and looked at me head to toe. 

???:So you’re just gonna take my breath away and leave me.

Kiera:Sorry about, you are cute so I wanted to dance with you.

???:Thank’re very sexy yourself.

Kiera:(blushing) Thank you.

???:You’re, what’s your name?

Kiera:Kiera…Kiera Chims. And you?

???:Khalil..Khalil Sharieff

Kiera:That name fits you.

Khalil:It does huh? (bites lip)

Kiera:(blushes) Yeap.

Next thing you know, my mood was interrupted as I saw a big-headed dofus with two pigtails.

Ray:Can I have two Cirocs on ice?

He then waited and made eye contact with me. I rolled my eyes and brought my attention back to Khalil.

Ray:Well..hello there Kiera.(smirks)

Kiera:Hello..Ray.(fake smiles)

Ray:How have you been?

Kiera:Great..just peachy.

Ray:Awesome..I’m here with my GIRLFRIEND Pearl.

Kiera:Oh cool..when did you two start dating?

Ray:Two months ago.

I rolled my eyes at his comment, he obviously wanted me to be jealous at the comment but it didn’t want work alittle.

Ray:So, who is this?

Kiera:My friend Khalil. Khalil this is my EX-boyfriend Ray.(smiles)

I could tell Ray was hurt when I said EX but guess what? He can suck D’ees nuts.

Ray:Can I talk to you in private Kiera?

Kiera:I guess.

We walked up to the VIP room and locked the door.

Kiera:What do you want?


And with that he kissed me with so much passion and force that I instantly felt my knees go weak. He smiled on my lips and pulled away leaving me breathless.

Ray:I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t eat,sleep,pr think without you in my mind.

Kiera:Ray, you cut me deep when you said those words to me.

Ray:I know, I said those things to you because I didn’t want to lead you on.

Kiera:Good job of doing that.(sarcasm)

Ray:I know I know, I’m a jerk.But, I love you Kiera and I want to be with you.

Kiera:You have a girlfriend,Ray.

Ray:She is just a distraction to me and I just said that to make you jealous.

Kiera:I’m sorry for everthing I did to you. I didn’t mean to have an affair but I love you too.

He kissed me again and I felt on cloud nine. He kissed me with so much passion and love. 

Ray:Will you be mine again, Kiera?


I jumped in his arms and kissed his cheek. I’m so glad to be with him again, I missed his goofiness and jokes. He always made me laugh. I couldn’t live without him another day without atleast seeing his face once.

I know it SUCKSSS! But I promise my other story is gonna be good.

Look U Need To Make A New One Or Just Quit But Most Writers Dont Quit And U Shouldnt Either And This IS A Good Story im Just iredd Of Going On EveryDay To See If u Did A New One And u havent It Has Been A Whole Month And U Havent Done Nothing WOW!!!! U Can DO Better And u Kno U Can!!! Well Im one Cause Just By Telling U This Aint Gonna Mean Nothing!!! So Whatever Bye

Actually, I’m making a new story so yeah.

idea : ) …

they should go to the club , and the boys should go to … nd rayray n his xbooo shoulld se each oda n she be like … rayray n he say her name den she jus walk away , switching her butt (no homo) … n den they both dance wid ppl n like compete against each other .. lik trying to seem happier then b4 n dance n alla dat :) 

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Love Is Real Sequel:Chapter 37

Elicia’s POV

I made it to the restaurant to see Chrise and Mimi already there. I entered and they smiled at me, they got up out of there seats and hugged me.

Mimi:OMG you look so pretty.

Elicia:So do you guys. So where is Kiera?

Mimi:I don’t know but she is on her way.

We toke a seat and started chatting when Chrise eyes got wide. I look at her confused and turned around to see Kiera. But not just regular plain Kiera..a hot smoking Kiera. She scanned around the place to spot us at a booth, she walked over and jumped up. We got up and gave a group bear hug.

Mimi:We missed you so much.

Chrise:Where have you been?

Kiera:I-I can’t breathe.

We let her go and started laughing.

Kiera:Well..I have been doing fine, I got me a new image as you can see and a new attitude. No more old Kiera.

Chrise:I see you cut your hair.

Kiera:I had to girl.

Elicia:Turn around..let me see what you’re working with.

She did a little turn around and I filled up with joy. My girl finally pulled through and left the past where it is.

Chrise:Can we eat because I am starving.

We all sat down and order our food. We talked and talked,we almost forgot our food. But we kept being reminded by Chrise begging for our plates. I gave her mine so she could finally shut up.

Kiera:So how have the boys been? and Prodigy are doing good with his mom in the house and everything.

Elicia:Princeton getting on my last nerve, always wanting to have s*x all the time. But I call Jojo everyday to see how he is doing.

Kiera:I miss him.

Chrise:Me too.

She had a mouth full of food in her mouth as we stared at her destroying plate number 3.

Elicia:Chrise…baby are you okay?

Mimi:Yeah..this is plate number 3 and you just got it.

Chrise:Yeah I’m fine..just been alittle hungry today.

Kiera:Anyways, how has Roc been?

Chrise:We have been going at it nonstop to the point I’m preparing myself before I go home.

Mimi:Ew! I don’t wanna hear that.

Chrise:Plug your ears then!

Elicia:And Ray..

Kiera stiffened up like she was made of stone and her face expression changed into a mad, hurt woman.

Kiera:…….well how has he been?

Elicia:He’s dating Pearl now and comes to our house often.

Kiera:Oh that’s….great.

Her voice barley a whisper, I looked over to Mimi who looked back at me with worried eyes. Kiera was definatley not over Ray, no matter how she tried to deny it.

Elicia:Ya’ll ready to go party??

Kiera:I was wondering when you were gonna ask..Let’s go.

We paid the bill and left, heading to Club Icces.

Love Is Real Sequel:Chapter 36!

Elicia’s POV

Today is Girls Night Out and we are about to live it up.I haven’t had Girls Night Out since after Jojo was born.I don’t know about the other girls but I am ready, I talked to Kiera since the whole fight and she has a new look. I can’t wait to see it, I blasted my Ipod playlist and hopped in the shower, did all that good stuff. Went in the closet and found a hot dress.

Elicia’s Outfit:

I walked downstairs to see Princeton laying on the couch watching “So Random”.

Elicia:Are you serious?

He turned around then looked me up and down,he started smirking.

Princeton:You look good.

Elicia:Thank you.

Princeton:Do you really have to go to Girls Night Out? I mean, we can stay here and make a night of our own.

He bit his lip as bad as I wanted to jump on him,I had to go see how the girls were.

Elicia:Yes I have to go but keep that thought in mind when I come back.

I winked and grabbed the keys as I walked out the door to the car. Tonight is the night.

Kiera’s POV

I am so ready to go clubbing and to see my girls..I miss them so much. I finished the last touch of my makeup and headed out the door with my clutch. We are gonna have a good time.

Kiera’s Outfit:

Fu3k all this drama..I’m too smart to let the drama get to me. If Ray don’t want this no more fine…that’s him missing out. Before I went out the door, I checked myself in the mirror. I pulled down my dress, rubbed my lips with gloss, and pushed up my boobs. I look hot!

Mimi’s POV

I just finished putting on my makeup about to walk out the door when Prodigy started bullsh*ting again. He pushed me against the wall and started kissing me.

Prodigy: Come on baby stay with me.

He started whining like a little kid as he pouted.

Mimi:I have to go see my girls.. you know I haven’t seen them in like a month.

Prodigy:I understand but does it have to be tonight?

Mimi:Yes now move so I can go.

I pushed him away as he stared at my as*. I grabbed the keys when Prodigy gave me a kiss and smacked my a*s. I gave him the death glare as I walked out the house. Club Icces here I come.

Chrise’s POV

I was getting frustrated that I spent a hour finding a dress I could wear. I always getting to fat to fit any of my dresses.Now I’m probably late and the girls are waiting on me. I started pacing back and forth,in and out the bathroom getting stuff ready. I made my way downstairs as I heard whistling coming from Roc .

Roc: You look……HOT!

Chrise:Thank you baby

I pecked him on the lips before walking out the door,I can’t wait.. me and the girls are gonna have fun like the old times.

I know I know I haven’t posted in forever and the story is story but I have been coming up with a new story and I think it’s gonna be really good..I will post more just be on the lookout.